Faceting a fish glass ball from Venice

I did a trip to Venice and I couldn't resist to buy one of those fish glass balls from a souvenir shop. You get them in different sizes, also in different qualities. Most have one fish inside, other ones you find with two fishes or more:


I basically like the Murano glass arts, but I was curious how the fish ball would look like when it is faceted: I chose a rather cheap one with a diameter of about 3 cm to be my faceting victim. Upfront I did some trial rendering of a faceted fish glass ball:


Here's a short video describing step by step what I did. Further down you can see the simple faceted glass fish ball.

tn_IMG_0313.JPG tn_IMG_0317.JPG tn_IMG_0320.JPG

You may have noticed that in the faceted version the blueish bottom of the ball seems to have nearly completed disappeared. During faceting I figured out that the blue colored glass is just a thin layer on the surface that quickly gets grinded away. So for next time I'd rather try to not facet the bottom at all to keep the nice blue color.

I did the faceting similar to quartz, although I faced problems to polish the large facets on thin-lead with diamond. So in this case I decided for a compromise between sharp edges and a good polish by utilizing a window cleaning rag sticked on a aluminium lap with ceroxide powder. The polishing was really quick and easy and at the end the edges are not that heavily rounded.

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